On June 2nd, every individual and family at FBCT will have the opportunity to show their faithfulness by giving a Tithe which is 10% of one week’s income. Collectively, this tithe says that we trust God’s faithfulness as we reach out to engage and love others and love God.

Faithfulness on June 2nd is more than just an offering, it’s an opportunity for each of us to stand side-by-side with fellow believers and show that we believe in the ministry of First Baptist Clarksville and want to be a part of God’s exciting work here in Clarksville and around the world!

Thank you for your faithfulness in giving to and praying for First Baptist Clarksville. Your financial support and generosity make it possible for First Baptist Clarksville to spread the Gospel — right here in Clarksville and around the world! If you have additional questions concerning giving or donations, please contact us.