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myFBCT allows you to maintain your personal profile, view your giving statement, and find a place to serve. It’s also a great way to stay connected to your church community by serving as a membership directory.  


At FBCT, we encourage our members to GATHER by being active participants in a Worship Service; CONNECT by being involved in a Connect Group Opportunity; MULTIPLY by growing and sharing their faith through Discipleship and Ministry experiences; and ENGAGE by serving our church, our community, and the world by words, actions, and financial support. 

You can become a member of First Baptist Clarksville if you have professed Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and if you have been scripturally baptized by immersion (here or in a previous church). You can also join by:

  • Transferring your “membership letter” from another Southern Baptist Church
  • Statement of your faith in Christ and baptism by immersion after salvation in another church
  • Statement from another denomination that does not practice baptism by immersion. This is a statement of your faith in Christ and willingness to be baptized by immersion.
  • By profession of faith in Jesus Christ and following Him in water baptism


  • At the end of our worship services, we give an opportunity for people to respond called the "invitation." During this time, worship participants who desire to join FBCT may come to the front of the worship center where they will be greeted by ministry staff and others who will escort you to a room just outside the sanctuary of the church and help you complete the appropriate paperwork. This is also a time when new Believers may come forward to profess their faith and request baptism as well as membership.
  • You can also speak directly with one of our Ministry Staff Members if you’re interested in becoming a member of First Baptist Church. They’ll be happy to personally guide you through the process. Contact the church office at 931.245.0000 and we’ll schedule an appointment at your convenience.