The Gospel of Matthew

This gospel provides the bridge from the Old Testament to the New through the genealogy of Jesus. The life of Christ is given in such a manner as to form part of the history and life of the Jewish nation and therefore as the fulfillment of the blessing promised to Abraham. Jesus is portrayed as the newborn King of the Jews, as the promised Messiah, and the fulfillment of prophecy. In this study we come in contact with the Living Person, Jesus Christ. We can see Jesus as He was— fully human and yet the King of Kings.
30 Lessons | Author: Marni McKenzie

First Baptist Church | 435 Madison Street, Clarksville, TN | Middle School Area   

Beginning 8/15/2018  | 9:30—11:30am
Continuing for 30 weeks  | (will not meet holidays & when public schools aren’t in session) 

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$30-Book One (Due 8/15/2018) 

$30-Book Two (Due 1/16/2019) 

$60 Both Books Bound (Due 8/15/2018) OR 

$60-TOTAL COST 2 books (Due 8/15/2018) 

$16.46 —Home-school book for the whole year (Due 8/15/2018) 

Scholarships Available Contact: Gail Longton or Jeri Evans 

Childcare is provided for preschool children; Home School classes are available. 

Children must be pre-registered to assure classroom space. 

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